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What we do

Welcome to Dlala Studios

10 years and counting!

Dlala has spent the past decade focused on creativity, technical knowledge and producing high-quality, passion-driven work. It is this drive that has seen work with established franchises and support some of the biggest companies across the globe.

We have developed and shipped titles on Microsoft, Sony, Google, Apple and Linux platforms, as well as a number of web-based applications and games.

Who we have worked with

“Dlala were a delight to work with. Few studios blend technical and tools discipline with a playful and thoughtful approach to design, with the ease that they do. Smart, insightful… with the right amount of crazy, to make the project sing.”

Christopher Nicholls, Executive Producer

“I’ve known and worked with Dlala since 2012 and have continuously been impressed with their tenacity, creativity and determination in making the best games possible that seek to buck the trend of the big budget AAA titles that sometimes sacrifice gameplay for visual impact. Dlala have stayed true to their roots as the best of indie game studios that create commercial product that people want to buy and play and hurray to them for that – we need more Dlala’s in the UK – they are the best example of game studios, and individuals in them, who truly encompass all that is great about independent games development.”

Andrew Webber, Emerging Developer Audience Lead

“Back when we were working on the console version of The Escapists we needed a helping hand on the code side to get things wrapped up in time for launch and we were fortunate enough to find a gap in Dlala Studio’s schedule so that they could assist. The team was professional, caring and communicative throughout. They helped us out on all facets of the title and were not afraid of jumping into any problem or task we threw at them. Dlala Studios worked to our process and pipeline seamlessly, and it was truly refreshing to work with an external studio who required such little overhead from us.”

Kelvin Aston, Production Director

“Working with a company 4500 miles from where you are can be a nightmare. Not with Dlala. They were not only amazingly responsive, their levels of competence, knowledge, and professionalism is unparalleled in the game industry. They are the first company I contact when we need quality game development work done.”

“We have partnered with Dlala for a diverse set of web projects, and have experienced great teamwork and effective outcomes. Aj and his team are responsive, professional, and efficient. Even working eight time zones apart our workflow was seamless.”

Ryan McAlinden, Director For Modelling, Simulation and Training -- Todd Richmond, Director, Mixed Reality Lab/Studio

“I spent the last two and a half years working directly with the team at Dlala. Every day I was able to witness their incredible dedication to the task of bringing back Battletoads for a brand new audience. They care deeply about the standard of their work and are not afraid to take on the big challenges that come with the business of making video games. I have no doubt that they will bring the same level of passion to every project they work on in future.”

Paul Cunningham, Partnerships Manager

“Dlala is a great studio to work with from a quality perspective. The whole team was passionate about the product and keen to ensure it was the highest quality it could be. Unlike some studios I have worked with everyone on the team regularly gets together to play the game – to better understand the customer experience, identify bugs and balance the gameplay. The whole team was always prepared to go the extra mile if improvements were identified. We entered all Certification submissions with high confidence and passed with no issues reported. This was achieved by excellent prioritisation of issues to ensure the team were focused on the bugs that mattered.”

Gareth Rogers, Senior Quality Lead

“The Dlala folks are that rare breed, professional and fastidious, while simultaneously incredibly fun and a joy to work with. Aj has surrounded himself with a fantastic team capable of turning their hand to any challenge. I look forward to every interaction with Dlala and hope to have many more over the coming years.”

Nicoll Hunt, Head Honcho

“Working with Dlala has been a massive boost to our project and we’ve really benefited from their expertise as well as their experience of shipping multi-platform games. I can highly recommend working with them.”

Mark Backler, Founder