Janksy – Space Based Physics Adventure is a physics adventure based in space.

Launch Janksy, a little green alien, from platform to platform, trying to safely get him to his spaceship. The real challenge comes in from avoiding dangerous moving asteroids and not getting launched off in to deep space. Each level contains various different mechanics and challenges.

Avoid dangerous floating asteroids that would do damage to our poor hero, and time your launches to landed as perfectly as you can on moving platforms.

Collide with ringed planets that launch you in the direction they’re facing, and use portals that lead you all around the level.

Curve your way round black holes, carefully using their gravitational pull to adjust your trajectory.

And, of course, try to collect all 3 nebula on each level, to really add to the challenge.

Janksy – Space Based Physics Adventure, available now on the Windows 8 store for free.

And that, clearly, is the secret of collaborative game design, because with its 60 or so levels (plus a do-it-yourself editor and DLC in the making), Janksy looks like a compelling treat, that will hopefully shine on the controversial shelves of Microsoft’s Windows 8 store.”

Keith Stuart, Hookshot Inc.

“A very educational / fun game. The game allows for trial and error and you certainly learn from your mistakes. Colourful, with or without sound and easy to pick up. Thank you”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Right good. More fun than a hat full of monkeys.”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Brilliant Game! Fun and addictive! This game is easy to pick up yet can get very tricksy later on. Me and my Nan are constantly trying to beat each other’s scores! For free it’s a steal!”

5 Stars

“Good fun. Simple gameplay, but a nice timewaster…and now FREE! Who can argue with that?!”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Fun and addictive. A fun and very playable game that quickly becomes addictive. Ould like to see more levels soon. A great effort and well worth the 99p asking price!”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“5 stars. I’d be lying if I said I wanted anything less than 5 stars for this game. I’ve killed many an hour flinging this particular green man across space. I like it, and I’m sure 99% of people who pick it up will agree with me too.”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Loads of fun! Janksy is a really fun game and I found it really hard to put down on my first session. There’s a lot of content here and it’s a really well balanced game, easy to pick up, hard to master!”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Big fan of this! This game is a lot of fun. It’s easy to pick up, but hard enough to keep me playing. Mastering this game has been an absolute joy.”

5/5 – Windows Store Review

“Cute space based game! I don’t normally write reviews but this game is really cool. Love Janksy, he’s such a good character and the game is so addictive! Glad I bought it”

5/5 – Windows Store Review