Multi-Platform Porting

Dlala Studios has worked with a number of well-respected and established studios, such as Team 17,
on the porting of award-winning products like 'The Escapists'.


We know how important games are to their creators. We are game creators ourselves. There is nothing worst than feeling that your hard work is being treated just like another “product” for someone else to cash in on without care or consideration. At Dlala we have a wide range of experience, both as individuals and as a team, on working on some of the biggest IPs in the world; we always ensured we treat every single game we work on with the exact same care and love it deserves.


The moment we knew we wanted to be “platform agnostic” as a studio was when we realised that different games require a different approach depending on the chosen platform. It is very easy to take a console-based game, simply port it to mobile, add an on-screen joystick and ship it. However, is this what’s best for the game? Probably not…

We are here to help and, if you want to hear it, we are happy to advise you on the ways in which your game can be shaped to suit the platform. We have experienced designers and UI/UX team members to make sure that your game is the best it can be on each platform.


We always believe in shooting straight from the hip. The reality is, if you are going to an ‘external’ partner for help in porting a game, the objective is most easily achieved when the game is complete and ready for handover; you can then simply sit back and wait for your newly ported masterpiece to be delivered. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible!

You may be looking for a parity release on numerous platforms and simply haven’t got enough time to meet those requirements, or perhaps you may want to work with a partner earlier in the project to see if other platform-related tweaks may influence the big decisions. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this.  We will find a way to make it work and are always happy to provide advice if you are unsure.

We have a brief overview of our process outlined below but this, like everything, is just a guide. We tailor process for all projects on an individual basis to fit the needs and wants of our partners.

Our Process

  • Evaluate requirements, existing code and assets
  • Provide initial recommendation and quote
  • Initial port to target platforms
  • Platform specific optimisations & adjustments
  • Platform specific features & integrations
  • Platform specific certification requirements
  • Submission ready build
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"Dlala Studios worked to our process and pipeline seamlessly, and it was truly refreshing to work with an external studio who required such little overhead from us."

"Back when we were working on the console version of The Escapists we needed a helping hand on the code side to get things wrapped up in time for launch and we were fortunate enough to find a gap in Dlala Studio’s schedule so that they could assist. The team was professional, caring and communicative throughout. They helped us out on all facets of the title and were not afraid of jumping into any problem or task we threw at them. Dlala Studios worked to our process and pipeline seamlessly, and it was truly refreshing to work with an external studio who required such little overhead from us."

Kelvin Aston, Production Director (Team 17)

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