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I often feel I use the word proud a lot when I’m talking about my team or the projects we’re working on. I know for a fact that I don’t overuse it because it’s the emotion I feel more than anything on a day to day basis in this job. However overwhelmed I feel personally, or whenever that lovely imposter syndrome comes in, the one thing that is never overwritten is how much I love being at this studio and the people I’m here with.

We found out about 3 weeks or so ago that we had made the list of the “Best Places to Work” that was going to be announced on September 20th:

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This was incredible, easily the biggest honour of my career and I was over the moon. I only told a few select members of the team so that the rest of the team could enjoy the surprise on announcement day. A few of us went up to London for the awards and got to go on stage and collect our certificate:

This was awesome, being recognised amongst some incredible studios, both big and small, and whilst the picture above looks like I’m fake smiling I promise that it’s all genuine. We sat back down and enjoyed the rest of the studios getting recognised in the list and then it was the awards. We knew in advance we’d been shortlisted in our category, “Best Small Studio”, but due to the amazing studios, most of which were bigger than us, I just enjoyed the fact that we were on a list with them. When our name was announced I didn’t know what to do. We’ve never won an award at Dlala. We’ve made quite a few shortlists, some finalist lists but we’ve never actually won an award. To say I was emotional was an understatement, I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

I went up and just spoke about how I felt. I missed the amazing quote that they had picked from one of our team members anonymously but was told it back when I sat down. Was very touched and tried to not get emotional all over again.

Link Here

I know how lucky I am to get up and to not only not dread coming to work everyday but to look forward to it. I know how lucky I am to be working on a project that’s been on my bucket list since I started career and I especially know how lucky I am to be working on it with the most passionate and dedicated people I’ve ever met in my life. I love this team, and it’s not just a word to throw around and make yourself like a caring CEO. I genuinely love this team. To know that they are happy here means the world and to know that they’re happy enough that we are considered the best 50 and under person studio in the country to work for is beyond incredible.

So whilst this blog post is a chance for us to brag, it’s really a chance for me to say thank you. Thank you to this incredible team that have given me a better life than I could have ever hoped for.

Thank you for reading this and I really hope you get to work here one day.



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